A section of architectural flat flex belt.
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The exterior of the villadom is decorated with decorative metal mesh curtains.
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Silver decorative metal curtain is used to decorate the hotel wall.
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The bottom installation details of decorative metal curtain on the window.
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Argger – Decorative Metal Curtain Supplier

Argger is committed to providing our customers with diversified decorative metal curtains and proven project experiences. Over the years, we constantly explore the limitless possibility of decorative metal curtain in architectural decoration field and closely cooperate with designers to create more diversified, personalized architectural spaces and visual arts.


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Unveiling an Exquisite Collection of Metal Curtain

Welcome to our world of exquisite metal curtains, where simplicity meets sophistication. Discover a selection that will fulfill your aesthetic desires with timeless beauty.

Unleash the Elegance of Metal Curtains

With an unwavering dedication to elegance and simplicity, we offer a range of applications that will transform any space into a captivating visual masterpiece

Metal Curtains
Decorate Your Lifes
The dining room floor-to-ceiling window is equipped with a blue decorative metal curtain.
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Artistic Window Treatments

Let natural light dance through our curtains, creating a mesmerizing play of shadow and radiance.

The living room is installed a decorative metal curtain as room divider.
2 5
Enchanting Room Dividers

Seamlessly divide your space while adding a touch of elegance and privacy.

The hotel wall is decorated with 3 layers of curved metal curtain.
3 5
Captivating Backdrops

Transform any setting into a visual masterpiece with our stunning curtains as captivating backdrops.

The furniture exhibition hall divides the space into several sections with decorative metal curtain.
4 5
Functional Partitions

Achieve the perfect balance between openness and privacy in commercial spaces with our functional partitions.

Many layers of decorative metal curtain is used for ceiling decoration.
5 5
Inspiring Interior Accents

Infuse your interiors with refinement and charm by incorporating our metal curtains as inspiring accents.

Chain link curtain in different colors is displayed.
Perspective effect drawing of decorative metal curtain in 3 different lengths
Bring Your Artistic Vision to Life

Meticulously tailored metal curtains match your unique style and space, ensuring an unparalleled level of personalization and sophistication.

The effect drawing of a custom portrait metal curtain
Decorative metal curtain slide rail installation
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