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Chain Curtain Can Get Through from Any Strings

Considering ring curtains' shapes and craft, ring mesh curtain can be classified into two types: chainmail curtain and chain curtain. Chain curtain is a particularly different way from chainmail curtain or metal coil curtain, chain curtain is similar to chain link curtain, which can get through from any strings. It can divide spaces or create backdrops in another visual and aesthetic sense. Made from aluminum, iron or other materials, chain curtain is connected by rings in fringes. The chain curtain can be applied as curtain, ornament, space divider and more.

A string of golden chain curtain in a pile on a white background.
CHC-1: Golden chain curtain in a pile.
Size labels of two strings of chain curtain in gun-black color, and the background is a gray.
CHC-2: The length, width and wire diameter of chain curtain.
A gather of various chain in different color and shape.
CHC-3: A gather of different chain curtain.
A gather of various chain in different color and shape with fur.
CHC-4: A gather of different chain curtain with fur.
This is a sample list of chain curtain in various colors and sizes with white background.
CHC-5: Sample list of chain curtain.
There are seven scrolls of chain curtain in seven different colors and shapes, and in the lower right corner are four clasps.
CHC-6: Various sorts of chain curtain.


  • Material: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, aluminum alloy and other material.
  • Ring diameter: 0.8 mm - 5.0 mm.
  • Color: silver, nickel, dull nickel, gold, brass, gun-black, red, green, copper, purple, blue, pink, etc.
  • Finish: satin-matte, glossy, colored.
  • Colors, shapes and sizes can be customized.

With various colors, shapes and sizes, chain curtain can be widely applied as window treatment, door curtain, space divider and ornament in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, stores, balconies, zoos, chain bags and more.

It is in a big hall, a large size of chain curtain in silvery is hanging as space divider, and there are some chairs and table in it.
CHC-7: Chain curtain as interior decoration.
Chain curtain as door curtain in the zoo, and inside the curtain, there are some people looking at the birds on the rockery.
CHC-8: Chain curtain as door curtain in the zoo.

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