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Metal Bead Curtain - A Durable and Elegant Curtain

Are you still using the fragile, fugitive plastic bead curtain? You've already out of fashion. Metal bead curtain is different from the former, which is no fading and tough with the looking of elegant and graceful. Metal bead curtain, also called ball chain curtain, composed by many tiny metallic hollow balls suspending from a string or chain, is constantly more and more popular. The hollow balls can not only lose the whole weight of metal curtain, but also keep the light and slim. Inspired by the marvelous ideas, the creation of metal bead curtain brings a new sort of decorative design style. Made from low carbon steel, nicked plated steel and other materials, metal bead curtain is characterized by easy installation and conveyance, shape exquisite, no corrosion, no fading, tough and more. It can be widely applied in hotels, bathroom, home and many other places.

Eight strings of metal bead, each sample has different shape bead standards in words.
MBC-1: Eight styles of metal bead curtain.
color sample
Color: pink, pale blue, pale green, pale yellow, pale violet, pale jade green, sky blue, Christmas red, orange, rose red, reddish violet, black, brown, golden, silvery, dark blue.


  • Material: low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper.
  • Bead diameter: 2/2.4/3.2/4.0/4.5/5.0/6/8/10/12 mm.
  • Surface Treatment: chrome plated, spray lacquer, etc.
  • Bead shape: round, pumpkin -shaped, oval, rugby -shaped, etc.
  • Packing: wooden case
  • About 66 strings per meter.
  • Color, shape and size can be customized.
A piece of golden metal bead curtain, and the background is pale brown.
MBC-2: Golden metal bead curtain.
A piece of metal bead curtain is hanging in front of several potting.
MBC-3: The hanging metal bead curtain.


  • Solid, durability strong.
  • Transparency and flexibility.
  • Appearance is a glamours drooping.
  • Easy to install and convey.
  • No rusty or color fading.
  • No corrosion.
  • Fireproof.

Due to its unique craft, metal bead curtain looks modern, clean and beautiful. It can be a marvelous space divider, for making room mystery and fullness. With a rang of colors and shapes, metal ball curtain can be used as window treatments, dividers, wall curtains, ceiling decorations, and more. It can be applied in:

  • Balcony.
  • Exhibition hall.
  • Window.
  • Museum.
  • Concert malls.
  • Building elevation.
  • Bathroom.
  • Hotel.
  • Office building.
  • Fireplace.
A piece of metal bead curtain is hanging in a restaurant, and there are several chairs and tables in it.
MBC-4: Metal bead curtain is hanging in a restaurant.
Two rolls of metal bead curtain is hanging as parallel in a corridor, and there are some decorations in the middle of curtains.
MBC-5: Metal bead curtain as corridor decoration.
Metal bead curtain decorates hair salon, and there are several chair and mirrors, and a sink in it.
MBC-6: Metal bead curtain used in a hair salon.
Metal bead curtain is as a window partition, and people should go round and can't cross it.
MBC-7: Metal bead curtain as window partition.
Metal bead curtain is used in a restaurant as dividers to form several independent spaces, in each parlor is one table and several chairs.
MBC-8: Metal bead curtain as space divider to divide into several independent parlors.
A hanging metal bead curtain decorates the wall in pale yellow color, and the ceiling is orange.
MBC-9: Metal bead curtain as wall decoration.

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