Lincoln Automobile Exhibition Hall

  • Function: Space Divider
  • Scene: Exhibition
  • City: USA

The Lincoln Auto Exhibition Hall ingeniously employs the architectural flat flex belt as dividers and decorative backdrops, bringing a sense of high-end luxury to the entire venue. This unique metallic mesh material is intricately interlaced from metal wires, creating a distinctive artistic feel. The moderate spacing between the metal wires ensures that light freely permeates, maintaining the translucency of the indoor environment. By cleverly using floor-to-ceiling curtain installations, the Lincoln Auto Exhibition Hall effectively utilizes the exhibition space, scientifically partitioning display areas and meeting zones.

The golden mesh curtains not only present a sleek and elegant effect but also complement the upscale luxury positioning and unique style of the Lincoln Auto Exhibition Hall. This decorative choice not only enhances the space but also highlights the brand's distinctive taste. Light and shadow, set against the backdrop of the metal mesh curtains, create an immersive visual feast. This carefully designed venue is not only impressive but also injects a unique and fashionable element into the brand image of Lincoln automobiles.

The interior of the auto show features meeting tables and chairs, with large metal floor-to-ceiling curtains serving as dividers.
A panoramic view of the auto show from the entrance perspective, showcasing cars and large metal floor-to-ceiling curtains.
The exhibit on the left displays a white sedan, and on the right is the meeting area.
View of the metal floor-to-ceiling curtain backdrop from the perspective of the meeting area.
Project Details

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  • Wire diameter: 1.6 mm
  • Spacing: 7 mm
  • Aperture length: 90–100 mm