Shining Flowing Metal Bead Curtains of MGM Lion Hotel

  • Function: Ceiling Decoration
  • Scene: Hotel
  • City: Macau, China

We have provided champagne-colored metal bead curtains for the ceiling of the MGM Lion Hotel's lobby in Macau, adding a unique decorative art to this magnificent space. The metal bead curtains complement the sculptural glass chandeliers, and their thoughtful design together forms a visual feast.

The glass chandeliers elegantly hanging above the hall, while layers of metal bead curtains wrap around them like a lightweight cape, arranged in a well-ordered fashion to give the overall design an elegant and flowing wave effect. This unique arrangement not only cleverly diffuses the light but also gently spreads it to every corner of the lobby, infusing the entire space with a soft and luxurious ambiance.

Each strand of metal bead curtains creates a clearly layered landscape, transmitting the beauty of light and shadow to every corner. This lends the lobby an upscale and artistic atmosphere, as if every moment is captured in a grand painting. The flawless realization of this design is both a tribute to art and a match to the hotel's jewel-box exterior design language, endowing the MGM Lion Hotel's lobby in Macau with an incomparable and unique charm.

Lobby reception area of the MGM Lion Hotel with metal bead curtains installed on the ceiling.
A side view showing the full panorama of the hotel lobby.
Close-up view of the metal bead curtain decorations on the hotel lobby ceiling.
A detail of champagne-colored metal bead curtain.
Project Details

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  • Color: Champagne color
  • Diameter: 8 mm