Nanjing Villa

  • Function: Space Division
  • Scene: Residence
  • City: Nanjing, China

We provided decorative wire mesh materials for a private villa in Nanjing. Our client confirmed that the residence would be decorated in a Chinese style, and they wanted to use decorative wire mesh material to complement the wooden hard decorations and dark-colored soft decorations in the house.

After communicating with the client and understanding the environment and layout of the residence, we finally decided to use S hook ring mesh curtain as the decorative material for the interior partitions.

S hook ring mesh curtain has excellent transparency and perfect integrates with Chinese style decoration, adding a unique charm to the villa. The copper finish gives the mesh curtain a distinctive luster and an antique texture, which complements the Chinese style decoration of the villa. Additionally, we carefully adjusted the dimensions of the S hook ring mesh curtain to effectively separate spaces while maintaining good ventilation and allowing natural light to pass through, creating a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere in the living environment.

This decoration plan has elevated the beauty and comfort of the villa to a whole new level. We are proud to be involved in creating such a unique and exquisite residence, and we are committed to providing unparalleled products and services to our clients.

The villa uses S hook ring mesh curtain as interior partition.
A close shot of the villa decorated with S hook ring mesh curtain as interior partition.
Project Details

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  • Ring diameter: 25 mm
  • Hook length: 15 mm
  • Finish: bronze