Andaman Moganshan Resort

  • Function: Curtain
  • Scene: Hotel
  • City: Hangzhou, China

Located in the Moganshan Scenic Area, China, Andaman Moganshan Resort is one of the top four summer resorts in the country. The hotel building complex is nestled among the mountains with rich ecological resources, attracting numerous visitors. Recently, we received an email from a client who wanted to create a unique decorative effect for the hotel's atrium-style corridor while providing protection, decoration, and light control functions.

Based on the client's requirements, we recommended using woven wire drapery as a solution. Our customized woven wire drapery can seamlessly fit the curves of the atrium, aligning with the circular floor-to-ceiling windows. This design not only integrates the metal curtains with the atrium but also retains natural light through the open weave structure, providing a bright and comfortable lighting environment for the atrium corridor. Moreover, woven wire drapery also provides an additional layer of protection for the floor-to-ceiling windows in the atrium corridor, ensuring safety and reliability.

The woven wire drapery, made of metal materials, is designed to withstand daily use and touch. Even with long-term use, it can maintain its elegant appearance and reliable performance. By choosing woven wire drapery, we provide the hotel with a durable and high-quality decorative wire mesh solution.

The hotel corridor floor-to-ceiling window is decorated with woven wire drapery.
The hotel window is decorated with woven wire drapery.
Observe the woven wire drapery from an inclined view.
Project Details

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  • Model: AG-WS-2230D
  • Finish: bronze