Design – Inspiration Collision Creates Diversified Styles

Design Capacity

Professional knowledge and creative thinking make decorative metal curtain add distinctive highlights for your buildings.


We draw inspiration from nature, architecture, art and other fields and have various design styles for our customers to choose from.


We continue to explore innovative design concepts and manufacturing method to keep meet the ever-changing demands of our customers.


We have professional design team and drawing technology to ensure the accuracy and feasibility of the plan.


We have a skillful manufacturing team and can turn your design into fine physical object, thus realizing the perfect combination of design and technology.


In the design, we fully consider the actual scenes and function needs, and can provide our customers with more practical and beautiful design plans.

Design Flow

Systematic project design flow ensures that the project can be carried out efficiently.

  • 1
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    Needs Collection

    We will learn your design needs and collect information about design themes, styles, functions, etc.

  • 2
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    Study & Analysis

    We will study and analyze your needs, and carefully consider its feasibility and sustainability.

  • 3
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    Initial Design

    Based on study results, we will work out an initial design plan including digital model or 3D rendering.

  • 4
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    Feedback & Modification

    We will share the initial design, listen to your feedback and make improvements to meet the expected goals.

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    Detailed Design

    After final confirmation, we will deepen the drawing details including accurate size, material selection, etc.

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    Technology Assessment

    We will conduct technology assessment and analysis to ensure the feasibility of the design plan.

  • 7
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    Document & Delivery

    We will give the production team our drawings, instructions and other necessary technical documents.

Design Team

Outstanding design team helps to achieve your project ideas.

Lucy crosses her arms before chest. Lucy crosses her arms before chest.
Interior Designer
Jenny crosses her arms before chest. Jenny puts one hand on her hip.
Exterior Designer
Robert crosses his arms before chest. Robert puts his hand under his chin.
User Feedback

Listen to our customers' voice and keep improving our products and services.

The hotel dinning room window is decorated with decorative metal curtain.
Hotel Project, China
The effect of decorative metal curtain after installation is amazing. Argger products completely meet our requirements on texture and sustainability. Their technical team is also very professional and our cooperation also goes well!
- Emily Davis
Silver decorative metal curtain is used to beautify the restaurant environment.
Restaurant Project, China
Argger's products completely meet and even exceed our expectations, and finally present an amazing effect! We are so glad to cooperate with such a professional team!
- Benjamin Jones
Decorative metal curtain is used to separate the furniture exhibition from other areas.
Exhibition Project, Germany
Our cooperation with Argger goes well. They know our harsh requirements on visual effect and perfect present the effect we want. This decorative metal curtain is perfect! Looking forward our next cooperation!
- Luca Schmidt
Our workers are checking the project drawing and discussing details on the meeting.
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