FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions About Decorative Metal Curtains

Does decorative metal curtain apply to all buildings?
Yes, our products can fit to all buildings and environments.
Can you provide customization service?
Yes. Our customers can communicate with our designer and our designer will draw corresponding drawings and give suggestions on types, material and color based on the desired effects of our customers.
Can you offer special decorative metal curtain shapes and effects?
Of course. With the help of the flexibility and versatility of decorative metal curtains, we can create fantastic geometric styles including streamlined, undulating shapes and even design unique 3D effects.
Are the products recyclable?
Yes, most our products are made of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other material and can be reused and recycled.
Is the decorative metal curtain safe when being used in outdoor applications?
All our products have passed strict quality inspection and these products have high strength and comply with dynamics. We will consider the product deformation elements when the products are used in outdoor projects.
Can you provide samples?
Yes. We provide free samples and references for you to find out the right sample style to fit to your architectural style.
Installation & Maintenance
Can you provide installation tracks and accessories?
Yes. We have a wide range of tracks and accessories. All tracks and accessories can be customized and installed according to your needs.
Do they require routine maintenance?
No, they don't need routine maintenance. They are made of durable metal materials and have good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. However, regular cleaning and inspection can help it maintain their good appearance and performance.
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