Chainmail Curtain – Decorative Wire Mesh with Interlocking Rings

Chainmail curtain is a metal mesh fabric made of countless interlocking circular rings. It was often used in medieval Europe as a material for soldiers' armor, while in modern times, it often serves as a decorative wire mesh. It can be used as curtains, dividers, ceiling decorations, fireplace screens, etc. The flexible structure of chainmail mesh can present complex, changeable shapes and various decorative effects to meet the different stylistic needs of designers.

A piece of unfolded rose gold chainmail curtain
Chainmail Curtain
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Various specification options meet your personalized demands.

  • Material: iron, 316/304 stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum
  • Wire diameter (a):0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, 1 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm
  • Ring outer diameter (b): 3.8 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm
  • Color: stainless steel, copper, black, gold, original, color can be customized.
  • Curtain size: customized according to the project
  • Surface treatment: electroplated
  • Process: Welded rings and non-welded rings, when the curtain length is greater than 3 m, welded rings are used.
Chainmail curtain structure marked with wire diameter a and ring diameter b
Popular Configurations

Browse our popular configurations and find the right one for your project.

High Privacy
  • Ring diameter: 7 mm
  • Wire diameter: 0.8 mm
Chainmail curtain with a ring diameter of 7 mm
  • Ring diameter: 10 mm
  • Wire diameter: 1.2 mm
Chainmail curtain with a ring diameter of 10 mm
  • Ring diameter: 12 mm
  • Wire diameter: 1.2 mm
Chainmail curtain with a ring diameter of 12 mm
High Transparency
  • Ring diameter: 20 mm
  • Wire diameter: 2.0 mm
Chainmail curtain with a ring diameter of 20 mm
Open & Close

Countless metal rings are arranged flexibly to demonstrate different decorative effects.

  • Open Mesh

    The chainmail curtain is installed horizontally, and the curtain is in an unfolded state.

    The chainmail curtain is unfolded horizontally
  • Closed Mesh

    The chainmail curtain is installed vertically, and rings are connected closely.

    The chainmail curtain is unfolded vertically

(*Glossy/matte finish for all colors)

Finish effect shows your personality. Various color and finish (glossy/matte) options help to create unique architectural space style and atmosphere.

Stainless steel chainmail curtain

Natural Stainless Steel

Gold chainmail curtain


Rose gold chainmail curtain

Rose gold

Brass chainmail curtain


Bronze chainmail curtain


Copper chainmail curtain


Black chainmail curtain


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Custom color


Various detailed installation methods suit to different architectural environments to realize your architectural design dreams.

U Track & Spiral Wire
U track and spiral wire are used for chainmail curtain mounting.
I Curved Track
I type curve track is used for chainmail curtain mounting.
Round Rod & Angle Steel – Wall Mounting
Round rod and angle bar are used for chainmail curtain wall mounting.
Slide Track with Folding Mechanism
Slide track with folding mechanism is used for chainmail curtain mounting.
Edge Sewing & Curtain Rod
Chainmail curtain is sewn onto the curtain rod for mounting.

The flexible structure of chainmail curtain makes it an ideal choice for functioning as decorative curtain.

The folding chainmail curtain is hanging on the curtain rod.


Chainmail curtain is used as the outer decoration of the ceiling lamp.


Chainmail curtain is used as a space divider in the furniture exhibition hall.

Space divider

Chainmail curtain is installed next to the elevator for wall decoration.

Wall decoration


We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.

  • 1
    Art & Function Blend the sense of art and practicality, and bring your space fantastic visual effect and practical functionality.
  • 2
    Material & Color We provide various metal materials and finish options to allow you to choose the material and style most suitable for your project.
  • 3
    Flexible Sizes According to your space requirements, we can provide flexible sizes to ensure the decorative metal curtain can perfectly match with your space.
  • 4
    Unique Styles Curtain edges can be made into special shapes to create a dynamic, smooth decorative effect.
  • 5
    Professional Installation We provide professional installation support to ensure the metal curtain installation can be finished accurately and quickly.