Metallic Fabric Cloth – Decorative Wire Mesh with Shining, Smooth Surface

Metallic fabric cloth has a network structure consisting of 4-leg metal sequins and metal rings. It feels like cloth and has good roughness and is light and flexible. Countless sequins make the curtain reflect scale-like light-shadow effect. It is commonly used in both interior and exterior building decorations, art designs, stage backgrounds, exhibition hall designs, etc. Compared with metal coil drapery and chain link curtain, metallic fabric cloth has little gap and can play the role of blocking or decorating walls.

A piece of hanging metallic fabric cloth
Metallic Fabric Cloth
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Detailed specifications enable you have more confident in your project.

  • Material: aluminum
  • Size (a): 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm
  • Shape: octagonal, round, quincuncial, spherical
  • Color: gold, purple, red, blue, green, silver, brown, black, original color; color can be customized.
  • Surface treatment: anodized and painted
  • Finish: gloss, colorful, dull polished, painted
  • Curtain length & width: customized upon request.
Metallic fabric cloth structure

Flexible, changeable metal sequin shapes bring you magic decorative effects.

Metallic fabric cloth with octagonal sequins


Metallic fabric cloth with round sequins


Metallic fabric cloth with quincuncial sequins


Metallic fabric cloth with spherical sequins


Metallic fabric with four-leaf clover sequins

Four-leaf clover


Multilayer colors and shining finish effects can inspire your design inspiration.

Metallic fabric cloth gloss samples with color serial number


Metallic fabric cloth dull polished samples with color serial number

Dull Polished

Metallic fabric cloth colorful samples with color serial number


Metallic fabric cloth painted samples with color serial number



Flexible installation methods guarantee your project can present the best effect.

I Track
Metallic fabric cloth is fixed with clevis and installed on the I track.
Curtain Rod
Metallic fabric cloth passes through the curtain rod via grommet.
Grommet & I Curved Track
Metallic fabric cloth is provided with grommets and installed on the ceiling through I curved track.

Explore the flexibility and creativity of metallic fabric cloth in different applications.

The restaurant is decorated with a metallic fabric cloth curtain.


The ceiling is decorated with many hanging metallic fabric cloth.


The room is provided with a metallic fabric space divider.

Space divider

The theater is covered with many metallic fabric cloth for wall decoration.

Wall decoration


We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.

  • 1
    Art & Function Blend the sense of art and practicality, and bring your space fantastic visual effect and practical functionality.
  • 2
    Material & Color We provide various metal materials and finish options to allow you to choose the material and style most suitable for your project.
  • 3
    Flexible Sizes According to your space requirements, we can provide flexible sizes to ensure the decorative metal curtain can perfectly match with your space.
  • 4
    Unique Styles Curtain edges can be made into special shapes to create a dynamic, smooth decorative effect.
  • 5
    Professional Installation We provide professional installation support to ensure the metal curtain installation can be finished accurately and quickly.