Services – Provide Efficient, Professional Cooperation

Argger provides comprehensive services and focuses on addressing challenging design elements in interior and exterior building projects. Our team closely cooperate with you and provide custom design, technical support and after-sales services to bring you unique building decoration experience. Regardless of the project scale, we will wholeheartedly produce high quality products and provide professional services to add more charm and sense of design for the building project.

Product Services

Excellent quality, perfect presentation.

Tailor-Made Services

Turn you design concepts into beautiful project art. We provide product size, image and shape customization services and help to achieve your great ideas on building decoration to a large extent.

Decorative metal curtain creates a layered interior environment.
Quality Control

We have a complete set of quality management system to ensure the durability, reliability and long-lasting beauty of our products.

Production Capacity

We have advanced production equipment and product technology to ensure the product quality and project delivery period.

The machine is producing metal coil drapery.
Innovative Design

Clever ideas and exquisite technology provide amazing decoration effects.

The upward view of chainmail curtain with curved effects.
Team Services

Professional team services bring you perfect cooperation experience.

2 workers are designing decorative metal curtain drawings. 01
Design Support

With years of experience, we can provide various solutions and detailed 3D design and production drawing targeted at interior and exterior building environments.

Our workers are discussing the project plan on the meeting. 02
Excellent Team

Our team has many years of industry experience and material expertise to help our customers select the right materials and make their creativity come true, thus realizing ideal decoration effect.

Our worker is checking the drawing information on the computer. 03
Details Optimization

To present the final perfect project effect, we keep optimizing project drawings and installation details to ensure our products can perfectly fit to the actual scenes.

 Our worker is communicating details with our customer. 04
Efficient Cooperation

From the project beginning to the end, we actively communicate with our customers to ensure our customers are informed of all necessary project progress and problems occurred.

Cooperate with Argger

Welcome to cooperate with us and complete beautiful, distinctive decorative metal curtain projects.

Decorative metal curtain is used as an art design in the Pedestrian effect.


The courtyard uses decorative metal curtain for decoration.


Decorative metal curtain forms multiple layers to decorate the ceiling.

Visual Effect