Metal Bead Curtain – Wake the Space Visual Rhythms Up

Metal bead curtain is made of high quality metal beads that can capture and reflect light to create an energetic, fantastic space atmosphere. No matter being used for art designs, building decoration, or acting as a simple, elegant curtain, metal bead curtain can easily blend into all kinds of environments. Meanwhile, metal bead curtain is a good solution that creates a perfect space divider without introducing a fixed partition. It not only adds the sense of beauty to the space, but also ensures people can pass through the curtain freely.

A piece of hanging silver metal bead curtain
Metal Bead Curtain
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No matter the detail modification of the building space or the visual impact of the huge space, metal bead curtain comes in a variety of specifications can perfect match with your space.

  • Material: low carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Bead shape: round, faceted
  • Diameter: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm
  • Length: customized upon request
  • Finish: gloss or matte
  • Surface treatment: electroplated, anodized
Metal bead curtain with different bead diameters are displayed.

Browse metal bead curtain and obtain unique, modern metal bead curtain category guidance.

Round & Faceted

Round and faceted beads have their own features. Round metal bead has a smooth surface and looks more gentle and is suitable for any building environments. Faceted metal bead has better refraction and scattering effects and is more suitable for stages and spaces with higher light effect requirements.

Many rows of round metal bead curtain


Many rows of faceted metal bead curtain


No Spacing & Spacing

Our metal bead curtain can be divided into no spacing and spacing types. We will adjust the space between metal metals based on the overall visual effect.

The arrangement of no spacing metal bead curtain

No spacing

The arrangement of spacing metal bead curtain



Regardless of classical color or popular color, our metal bead curtain can be customized according to your unique style.

Bronze metal bead curtain


Rose gold metal bead curtain

Rose gold

Gray metal bead curtain


Gold metal bead curtain


Copper metal bead curtain


Black metal bead curtain


White metal bead curtain


Stainless steel metal bead curtain

Stainless steel

Blue metal bead curtain



Metal bead curtain is provided with durable installation tracks and necessary accessories to achieve worry-free installation.

U Track
Metal bead curtain is fixed on the U track.
I Track
Metal bead curtain is fixed on the I curved track.

Explore the flexibility and creativity of metal bead curtain in different applications.

Metal bead curtain is used as open balcony curtain.


Metal bead curtain is used as showcase ceiling.


Metal bead curtain is used as office space divider.

Space divider

Metal bead curtain is used in the restaurant for interior decoration.

Interior decoration


We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.

  • 1
    Art & Function Blend the sense of art and practicality, and bring your space fantastic visual effect and practical functionality.
  • 2
    Material & Color We provide various metal materials and finish options to allow you to choose the material and style most suitable for your project.
  • 3
    Flexible Sizes According to your space requirements, we can provide flexible sizes to ensure the decorative metal curtain can perfectly match with your space.
  • 4
    Unique Styles Curtain edges can be made into special shapes to create a dynamic, smooth decorative effect.
  • 5
    Professional Installation We provide professional installation support to ensure the metal curtain installation can be finished accurately and quickly.