Woven Wire Drapery – Weaving Spacing Structure Combine Rigid & Flexible

Woven wire drapery is a kind of metal woven mesh formed by crossbars passing through metal cables. Unlike other metal decorative mesh, woven wire drapery can only exhibit great flexibility in the vertical direction due to its unique weaving structure. When being used as building facade, it also plays the role of sun blocking and fall prevention & protection. Besides, it also shows its unique charm in interior decorations such as wall decoration, ceiling style design and space partition. We can offer a variety of weave types and finishes to make your personalized architectural design come into reality.

A vertically hanging woven wire drapery sample
Woven Wire Drapery
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Provide detailed specification information to help you know more about the product structure.

  • Material: stainless steel 304/316, brass, aluminum, copper, aluminum alloy, etc.
  • Round wire diameter (a):0.5–4 mm
  • Rope diameter (b):2–4 mm
  • Round wire spacing (c): 2–35 mm
  • Rope spacing (d): 1–20 mm
  • Color: stainless steel, copper, bronze, gold, etc.
  • Surface treatment: baking finish or electroplated
Detailed woven wire drapery structure
Popular Configurations

Explore product weaving methods and ensure the expected effects of decorative mesh for the project.

Woven wire drapery ag-ws-2028d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-2028D
  • Open area: 48.82%
Woven wire drapery ag-ws-2230d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-2230D
  • Open area: 61.3%
Woven wire drapery ag-ws-1020d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-1020D
  • Open area: 45.76%
Woven wire drapery ag-ws-2730d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-2730D
  • Open area: 59.8%
Woven wire drapery ag-ws-0505d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-0505D
  • Open area: 40.35%
Woven wire drapery ag-ws-3040d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-3040D
  • Open area: 29.52%
Woven wire drapery ag-ws-2820d sample
  • Model: AG-WS-2820D
  • Open area: 49.2%

Classic color blending plan exhibition and color customization service available help you to find out the optimal solution of project color.

Stainless steel woven wire drapery

Stainless steel

Brass woven wire drapery


Copper woven wire drapery


Bronze woven wire drapery


Green woven wire drapery


Woven wire drapery with stainless steel wire and gold rope

Rope & wire in different colors

Dark gray woven wire drapery

Dark gray

RAL card icon

Custom color


We provide high quality tracks and frame accessories to ensure your project installation is firm and reliable.

Flat and Angle Bars with Threaded Rod
Flat and angle bars with threaded rod are used for woven wire drapery installation.
Flats with Clevis
Flats with clevis are used for woven wire drapery installation.
Woven-In-Bar (WIB) with Eyebolts
Woven-in-bars with eyebolts are used for woven wire drapery installation.
Angle Steel & Frame
Angle steel and frame are used for woven wire drapery installation.
U-Binding Frame
U-binding frames are used for woven wire drapery installation.

Explore the flexibility and creativity of woven wire drapery in different applications.

Woven wire drapery is used for theater wall decoration.

Wall decoration

Woven wire drapery is used for ceiling design.


Woven wire drapery is installed along the stairs for space partition.

Space divider

Woven wire drapery is used as building facade.

Building facade


We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.

  • 1
    Art & Function Blend the sense of art and practicality, and bring your space fantastic visual effect and practical functionality.
  • 2
    Material & Color We provide various metal materials and finish options to allow you to choose the material and style most suitable for your project.
  • 3
    Flexible Sizes According to your space requirements, we can provide flexible sizes to ensure the decorative metal curtain can perfectly match with your space.
  • 4
    Unique Styles Curtain edges can be made into special shapes to create a dynamic, smooth decorative effect.
  • 5
    Professional Installation We provide professional installation support to ensure the metal curtain installation can be finished accurately and quickly.