Chain Link Curtain – Create Vivid, Colorful Decoration Styles

Designers can achieve good decorative effects on architectural spaces by using our aluminum chain link curtain. Chain link curtain is made of high quality interlocking metal chains, durable and stylish. Our chain link curtain can be anodized to offer various finish colors, which allows our customers to customize chain link curtains that suit their own architectural styles.

A piece of neatly arranged gold chain link curtain
Chain Link Curtain
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  • Material: aluminum
  • Length: any length, can be customized
  • Finish: gloss or matte
  • Surface treatment: anodized
  • Standard chain link curtain

    Standard - Wire diameter (D): 2.0 mm
    - Hook width (W): 12.0 mm
    - Hook length (H): 24 mm

  • Delicate chain link curtain

    Delicate - Wire diameter (D): 1.5 mm
    - Wire diameter (W): 8.5 mm
    - Hook length (H): 17 mm

The front and side views of chain link curtain

Chain knot and arrangement differences make different chain link curtain effect.

Chain link curtain classical delicate type

Classical delicate
100 strands per linear meter of rail

Chain link curtain half drop delicate type

Half drop delicate
130 strands per linear meter of rail

Chain link curtain classical standard type

Classical standard
77 strands per linear meter of rail

Chain link curtain half drop standard type

Half drop standard
100 strands per linear meter of rail


Welcome to explore the numerous color possibility and art potential of chain link curtain.

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  • RAL card icon
  • Gloss & matte black chain link curtain
    Black Code: 79 matte Code: 26 gloss
  • Gloss & matte gray chain link curtain
    Gray Code: 04 matte Code: 23 gloss
  • Gloss & matte coffee chain link curtain
    Coffee Code: 108 matte Code: 110 gloss
  • Gloss & matte brown chain link curtain
    Brown Code: 11 matte Code: 142 gloss
  • Gloss dark brown chain link curtain
    Dark brown Code: 11-2 matte
  • Gloss & matte sand chain link curtain
    Sand Code: 10 matte Code: 82 gloss
  • Gloss & matte apricot chain link curtain
    Apricot Code: 46 matte Code: 45 gloss
  • Gloss & matte bright orange chain link curtain
    Bright orange Code: 45-2 gloss
  • Gloss & matte orange chain link curtain
    Orange Code: 149 matte Code: 78 gloss
  • Gloss & matte gold chain link curtain
    Gold Code: 84 matte Code: 87 gloss
  • Gloss & matte lime chain link curtain
    Lime Code: 33 matte Code: 31 gloss
  • Gloss emerald chain link curtain
    Emerald Code: 34 gloss
  • Gloss & matte moss chain link curtain
    Moss Code: 72 matte Code: 52 gloss
  • Gloss grass green chain link curtain
    Grass green Code: 52-2 gloss
  • Gloss & matte green chain link curtain
    Green Code: 76 matte Code: 60 gloss
  • Gloss & matte silver chain link curtain
    Silver Code: 02 matte Code: 01 gloss
  • Matte nickel chain link curtain
    Nickel Code: 63 matte
  • Gloss & matte amethyst chain link curtain
    Amethyst Code: 19 matte Code: 94 gloss
  • Gloss & matte pale pink chain link curtain
    Pale pink Code: 117 matte Code: 115 gloss
  • Gloss & matte florid pink chain link curtain
    Florid pink Code: 113 matte Code: 97 gloss
  • Gloss & matte pink chain link curtain
    Pink Code: 121 matte Code: 119 gloss
  • Gloss & matte red chain link curtain
    Red Code: 59 matte Code: 122 gloss
  • Gloss & matte passion red chain link curtain
    Passion red Code: 124 matte Code: 89 gloss
  • Gloss & matte lilac chain link curtain
    Lilac Code: 128 matte Code: 127 gloss
  • Gloss & matte blue chain link curtain
    Blue Code: 130 matte Code: 129 gloss
  • Gloss & matte cobalt chain link curtain
    Cobalt Code: 147 matte Code: 114 gloss
  • Gloss & matte turquoise chain link curtain
    Turquoise Code: 107 matte Code: 27 gloss
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    Custom color

Comprehensive, systematic installation solutions ensure that our chain link curtain well matches your architectural environments.

Rail – Ceiling Mounting
Chain link curtain is fixed on the rail for ceiling mounting.
Rail – Wall Mounting
Chain link curtain is fixed on the rail metal support for wall mounting
Plate – Ceiling Mounting
Chain link curtain is fixed by 2 angle bars for ceiling mounting
Plate – Wall Mounting
Chain link curtain is fixed with 2 metal plates for wall mounting
Curved Rail – Ceiling Mounting
Chain link curtain curve rail ceiling mounting
Angle Steel – Ceiling Mounting
Chain link curtain is hanging on the angle steel for wall mounting
T Rail – Ceiling Mounting
Chain link curtain is hanging on the T rail for ceiling mounting
Metal Bar – Suspension Mounting
Chain link curtain is fixed on the metal bars for suspension mounting
U Track – Ceiling Mounting
Chain link curtain is hanging on the U track for ceiling mounting

Kind reminder: When the chain link curtain is used as a floor curtain, leave a gap of 2 cm from the ground at the bottom of the metal curtain to ensure the best effect.


The unique structure and sense of flow of chain link curtain add dynamic and visual appeal to the space.

The office uses dark colored chain link curtain as curtain.


The hotel wall is decorated with chain link curtain.

Wall decoration

The restaurant ceiling is decorated with chain link curtain.


Gucci exhibition gate is decorated with pink chain link curtain.

Exhibition decoration


We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.

  • 1
    Diversified Colors You can choose color and color combination freely to create your unique chain link curtain.
  • 2
    Custom Shapes You can choose the chain link curtain size and density flexibly to achieve personalized decorative effects.
  • 3
    Creative Patterns You can incorporate your pattern, text or art design into the chain link curtain to create your personalized decorative style.
  • 4
    Accurate Size We provide accurate custom size according to your space requirements to ensure the chain link curtain can perfectly meet your needs.
  • 5
    Easy Installation Flexible installation methods can make the chain link curtain blend into the architectural environment seamlessly, thus adding a unique charm to your space.