Rotterdam Office Hall Project

  • Function: Ceiling Decoration
  • Scene: Office Hall
  • City: Rotterdam, Netherlands

The ceiling of the Rotterdam office hall is decorated with architectural flat flex belt, which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enhances the light.

Architectural flat flex belts are made of thin threads or ribbons, forming a mesh structure that beautifully reflects light as it passes through the curtains, thus enhancing the brightness and transparency of the hall.

In order to achieve a better decorative effect, the architectural flat flex belts are designed in the shape of a semi-circle according to the shape of the bar, with each layer having unique specifications and a specific height. This design not only meets the modern office fashion sense, but also can visually increase the sense of space and layering.

In addition, the architectural flat flex belts also have certain blocking and partitioning functions, bringing better privacy and comfort to the hall. In the Rotterdam office hall, architectural flat flex belts are used not only in the ceiling decoration of the front hall but also in the decoration of other areas, such as meeting rooms and offices. The entire hall is designed in a simple and stylish way, creating a comfortable, spacious, and bright working environment for staffs and clients.

Left side of the office hall provides a break place for people.
Office lobby with architectural flat flex belt on the receptionist's ceiling
Right side of the office lobby is a recreational place for people.
Project Details

More project details help you understand how you can use our architectural flat flex belts to add a unique touch to your project.

  • Wire diameter: 1.4 mm
  • Spacing: 7 mm
  • Aperture length: 90–100 mm