Gucci Garden Archetypes Exhibition Shanghai

  • Function: Exhibition Display
  • Scene: Exhibition
  • City: Shanghai, China

To commemorate Gucci's 100th anniversary, the brand organized a global touring exhibition themed "Gucci Garden Archetypes" to showcase its innovation and foresight. Shanghai, which has hosted many Gucci exhibitions in the past, was the first stop of the Asian tour. Our responsibility was to provide the building facade materials for the entrance of the exhibition.

To align with the exhibition theme and meet the curator's strict requirements for the color of building decoration materials, we recommended chain link curtains as the decorative metal curtain materials for the project. Our chain link curtains come in a variety of colors and support custom patterns, meeting the client's expectations.

As the facade installation for the exhibition entrance, we need to showcase the brand and theme. After communicating with the designer, we finally selected two kinds of pink to be used as the background color for the facade and the color of the artistic typography. Due to the large area of the facade, manual adjustment of the pattern edges was carried out to ensure smooth and coherent typography on the metal curtains.

The daytime effect of chain link curtain facade at the exhibition entrance
The night light effect of chain link curtain facade at the exhibition entrance
A close shot of chain link curtain facade at the exhibition entrance
Project Details

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  • Specification: standard, 12 mm width chain link
  • Finish: pink
  • Style: custom shape and patterns