MADISON Hotel Restaurant

  • Function: Ceiling
  • Scene: Hotel
  • City: Zhoushan, China

MADISON Hotel is one of the many excellent hotel chain brands in China. We fully understand MADISON Hotel's high standards when our clients email us with detailed descriptions of their requirements and expectations for the interior style of the hotel's dining area. Decorative metal curtains are ideal for creating a high-class, bright effect. According to the client's requirements, we decided on a bright orange chain link curtain.

We focused not only on aesthetics, but also on practicality. The choice of chain link not only injects a stylish movement into the space, but is also ideal because of its ease of installation and lightness. Each chain link curtain is precisely aligned on the track, creating a flowing visual effect. This design is not only the pursuit of spatial aesthetics, but also the full consideration of practicality.

To create a spatial and layered design, the glossy chain link curtain are cleverly illuminated, giving the interior a glamorous, high-class ambiance with the flow of light and shadow. The whole design process is efficient and quick, and the installation process is simple and convenient, saving time and cost.

In designing MADISON Hotel, we created a unique space that is both aesthetically pleasing and convenient for our client. This is a reflection of our professional team's dedication to bringing more possibilities to our clients.

Numerous rows of double hook chain curtains hang from the ceiling
Panoramic view of restaurant ceiling, with a view of orange double hook chain curtains
Multi-layer double hook chain link curtain from an elevated view
Project Details

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  • Specification: Standard, and 12 mm width chain link
  • Finish: Bright orange, and gloss
  • Style: shape, and cubic