The Beauty of Aurora - Novy Urengoy Airport Business Lounge Project

  • Function: Ceiling
  • Scene: Airport Lounge
  • City: Russia

The new lounge at the New Ulyanovsk Airport terminal offers passengers a unique experience that captures the essence of the polar night sky, now recreated within the confines of the airport lounge.

Given that the lounge is located on the first floor in a windowless environment, lacking natural light, the design cleverly utilizes dark walls lined with magnesite to evoke the ambiance of a polar night. In this design, the chain link curtain becomes a critical feature, adding color, depth, and a sense of mystery to the space through its distinctive design and functionality.

To simulate the visual effect of the aurora borealis, blue-green and silver chain link curtains are ingeniously used in tandem with lighting to create a fantastical and beautiful indoor effect. The curtains, installed on the ceiling, have their bottoms cut into regular arcs to showcase their unique design and texture. Vertical tubes of light installed between the layers of the cascading curtains give the chain link a sense of volume and mimic the appearance of the northern lights.

The chain link curtain serves not just as a decoration but also cleverly demarcates spaces, creating private and unique areas for a comfortable pre-flight experience. It is a thoughtfully designed architectural embellishment that harmonizes ergonomics with artistic planning, enhancing the overall airport lounge atmosphere.

A panoramic view of the airport lounge.
In the airport lounge seating area, silver chain link curtains hang down to the floor, serving as dividers.
The airport lounge displayed from a viewpoint on one side of the counter.
The silver chain link curtains are installed together with vertical light tubes, serving as partitions.
Viewing the blue-green chain link curtain with a curved hemline up close.
Viewing the blue-green chain link curtain with a straight, flat hemline up close.
Project Details

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  • Specification: Standard, and 12 mm width chain link
  • Finish: Turquoise, Silver
  • Style: Shape, and cubic