Touareg Lounge in Brussels

  • Function: Space Divider
  • Scene: Touareg Lounge
  • City: Brussels, Belgium

Located in the city of Brussels, Touareg Lounge has the magical atmosphere of Middle Eastern and Arabian lounge nights. As a lounge and bar full of oriental culture that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Our client wanted the overall effect of the interior to interact with people in a spatial sense and maximize the cultural flavor. The final material used for this project was a decorative metal mesh – chain link curtains.

Multiple layers of chain link curtains form a metal archway that divides the space and allows plenty of light into each compartment. Each layer of the chain link curtain is a different color, with gold, silver, and brown mesh curtains overlapping to match the interior color palette and add a sense of visual flow.

The advantages of decorative metal mesh are obvious: unique and elegant appearance, and easy and fast installation. Different lights, different environments, different times, and different perspectives will show different viewing effects. Metal decorative mesh is non-flammable, high strength, strong, easy to maintain, functional, decorative effect is vivid, strong, and can be very good for the protection of building structures.

6 layers of chain link curtains in different colors outside the lounge compartment
The setting of the lounge as seen from the interior view of the compartment
Inside and out, 2 arches formed by chain link curtains
Details of arches formed by the double hook chains
Project Details

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  • Specification: Standard, and 12 mm width chain link
  • Finish: Gold, sand, and silver
  • Style: Shape, and cubic