Vanke Pu Yuan Garden Project

  • Function: Large Space Installation
  • Scene: Chinese Garden
  • City: Chongqing, China

We provided a large-scale artistic installation for the Vanke Pu Yuan Garden project—a six-tiered silver giant chain link curtain. This installation seamlessly integrates the aesthetics and practicality of the chain link curtain, illuminating this Chinese-style garden landscape.

The gradient arc of the chain link curtain is designed parametrically to mimic the waterfall cascading naturally. In addition, the ends of the chain link curtain feature a color-jumping design with darker chain links, adding dynamism and depth to the piece. The architectural installation is mounted on the top floor of the central villa, extending from the top down to the ground, creating a striking visual line in the landscape.

In the design, we took into account the material properties of the chain link curtain and its interplay with natural daylight and evening lighting. During the day, the silver curtain ingeniously lights up the entire garden with reflections of sunlight, adding a touch of brilliance. As evening falls and the villa's exterior lights come on, the silver curtain takes on a different charm, harmonizing beautifully with the surroundings.

The ingenuity of the chain link curtain installation lies in its dual function as both a piece of art and a subtle integration into the garden environment. The textural beauty of the design and the choice of materials imbue the scene with a natural essence.

Viewing the panoramic view of the garden from the entrance perspective.
Overlooking the garden from above, one can see the large metal curtain installation.
Inside the garden, viewing the large metal curtain installation on the villa from a distance.
Viewing the large metal curtain installation within the garden up close.
Project Details

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  • Specification: Standard, and 12 mm width chain link
  • Finish: Silver
  • Style: Shape, and cubic