Cyprus Four Seasons Hotel Project

  • Function: Wall Covering
  • Scene: Hotel
  • City: Limassol, Cyprus

Four Seasons Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus is a luxury 5-star chain hotel. The hotel is located near the Mediterranean Sea, and its excellent geographical location attracts tourists from all over the world. We are honored to provide decorative wire mesh for this hotel.

We communicated with the designer and determined that the interior decoration style of the hotel should retain a Mediterranean charm while incorporating a modern sense. The designer proposed that adding decorative wire mesh at the glass partition in the upper space of the hotel lobby to minimize visual empty space.

After carefully analyzing the designer's requirements and the actual environment, we recommended chainmail curtain as the decorative wire mesh material for the project. In this project, a special installation design was employed. Chainmail curtains are divided into multiple sections and fixed onto metal bars in a spiral pattern, creating a sail-like effect for the overall curtain. Each section of the metal curtain on the wall is inclined at different angles, creating a flowing sensation reminiscent of ocean waves, perfectly blending with the Mediterranean ambiance.

We suggested that retain the natural color of stainless steel chainmail curtain to harmonize with the overall modern ambiance. This choice achieves a perfect blend of modernity and Mediterranean charm. The natural tone of stainless steel complements the hotel's interior modern style, creating a stylish, minimalist, and unique atmosphere.

The full view of hotel resting area decorated with chainmail curtains
The full view of the hotel hall wall decorated with chainmail curtains
The design details of chainmail curtain installed on the upper glass wall
Project Details

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  • Wire diameter: 1 mm
  • Ring diameter: 10 mm
  • Finish: stainless steel natural color
  • Style: custom shape
Chainmail curtains are fixed on the metal bar by spiral wires

Single chainmail curtain installation details