American Shopping Center

  • Function: Door and Window Decorations
  • Scene: Shopping center
  • City: USA

To meet the unique needs of a renowned American shopping mall for door and window decorations, we, as a supplier of decorative metal meshes, have provided laminated glass art mesh. This laminated glass metal mesh features a dual-layer structure with a metal wire mesh as the intermediate layer, which effectively prevents the glass from shattering and splashing due to external impacts. This material, known for its exceptional transparency and light transmission, can be woven from a variety of selected metal wires, injecting an artistic flair into the mall's doors and windows. Furthermore, this design not only gives the doors and windows an eye-catching appearance but also seamlessly integrates with the overall decoration style of the mall.

The uniqueness of the laminated glass metal mesh lies in its exquisitely variable artistic patterns, which bring a colorful and vivid appearance to the doors and windows. Its transparency creates enchanting light and shadow effects, making the interior space of the mall more spacious and bright. This design cleverly matches the overall decoration style of the mall, providing it with a striking visual focal point.

A panoramic view of the shops from the side of the shopping center.
A shopping mall glass door fitted with laminated glass metal mesh.
Detail of a laminated glass metal mesh door awaiting installation.
Project Details

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  • Model: DBX-DD