White Tiger Village Restaurant Project

  • Function: Ceiling
  • Scene: Restaurant
  • City: Beijing, China

The White Tiger Village Restaurant has undergone a comprehensive spatial renovation, presenting an ambiance of relaxed elegance reminiscent of a Parisian bistro. The aim is to provide Beijingers with a fresh, open, and engaging dining experience.

A bronze metal bead curtain is ingeniously incorporated into the ceiling installation known as "Cloud Smoke." This feature is dispersed across the entire restaurant's ceiling and extends to the outdoor ceiling, catching the eye from even the distant street corner and becoming another unique highlight of the restaurant. The indoor and outdoor metal bead curtains sway in the breeze, balancing the inherent rigidity of metal with a sense of movement.

During the day and at night, the metal bead curtains offer completely different visual effects. By day, they appear rough and unpolished, conveying a raw and rugged vibe. As night falls, the "Cloud Smoke" installation is illuminated, creating a sensation of floating. The roughness of the walls is meticulously sculpted by the lighting design, which, in conjunction with the suspended metal beads, generates a mysterious spatial atmosphere.

The full interior view of the restaurant reveals the bronze metal bead curtains adorning the ceiling.
Observing the restaurant's ambiance from one side of the dining area.
The bar in the restaurant features natural stone as its backdrop.
A detailed display of the metal bead curtains on the restaurant's ceiling.
The restaurant's ceiling extends to the outdoor area, adorned with metal bead curtains.
Viewing the interior environment of the restaurant from a distance during the daytime.
Viewing the interior of the restaurant from afar at night.
Project Details

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  • Color: bronze
  • Diameter: 8 mm