Chongqing Community Park Landscape Installation

  • Function: Large Space Installation
  • Scene: Park
  • City: Chongqing, China

The project site is located in Chongqing, a city known for its unique natural landscapes. We provided an outdoor installation to accentuate a large park in Chongqing. The landscape architects responded to the climatic characteristics of Chongqing's "Misty City" and the architectural design concept of a "Misty Forest" as a thematic concept to integrate the community with the natural environment.

We chose to use a gold glossy metal coil drapery. This color choice not only blends in with the environment during the day, but also gives it a mysterious and enchanting look when the mist is in the air. The edges of the metal coil drapery are designed in the shape of waves, which not only adds smooth lines to the installation, but also creates a sense of movement and energy in the eyes.

During the day, when sunlight penetrates the decorative metal mesh, the installation presents a fascinating light effect that complements the surrounding natural environment. At night, the light projected on the metal mesh creates a unique pattern of light and shadow, adding a mysterious and artistic atmosphere to the park at night. The metal coil drapery makes this section of the bamboo walkway exude a strong bookish volume, creating a canyon characterized by a forested environment. It conveys a richly layered sense of space.

Panoramic view of metal mesh curtain installation at night from the walkway
Long range view of the metal mesh curtains seen from the walkway perspective
During foggy daytime, metal mesh curtains are installed on both sides of the walkway.
Project Details

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  • Wire diameter: 1.2 mm
  • Aperture: 6.5 mm
  • Finish: Gold, and gloss