Happiness Wharf Hotel

  • Function: Wall Covering
  • Scene: Hotel
  • City: Shanghai, China

We provided an amazing decorative wire mesh solution for the Happiness Wharf Hotel. When the client consulted us, they told us their needs for a large floor-to-ceiling mesh curtain to be installed as a backdrop for the hotel's reception area. They wanted the curtain to match the overall style of the hotel. After thorough communication, we suggested choosing gold metallic fabric cloth as the decorative wire mesh material for the floor-to-ceiling curtain.

In the end, this gold metallic fabric cloth curtain presented a stunning visual effect in the lobby of the Happiness Wharf Hotel. When illuminated, the metallic fabric cloth reflected a dazzling brilliance, shimmering throughout the space. The unique texture of the metallic fabric cloth and the luster of the metal perfectly blended with the hotel's elegant ambiance, adding a touch of luxury and fashion to the lobby.

In addition to its eye-catching appearance, the metallic fabric cloth curtain also possesses outstanding practicality. The open structure of the metallic fabric cloth ensures good ventilation, creating a comfortable environment in the lobby. Furthermore, it exhibits excellent fire resistance and durability, and plays an important role in improving the safety and sustainability of the hotel.

The hotel lobby uses metallic fabric cloth as the backdrop of the reception desk.
The upward view of metallic fabric cloth curtain effect.
The hotel lobby is decorated with metallic fabric cloth curtain.
Project Details

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  • Size: 6 mm
  • Finish: gold, gloss
  • Style: curtain