Happy Times KTV

  • Function: Ceiling
  • Scene: Public Areas
  • City: Xi'an, China

We had the honor to undertake the architectural decoration project of Xi'an Happy Times KTV. We selected a stunning blue glossy metallic fabric cloth short curtain for this project.

The metallic fabric cloth is installed on the ceiling in a form of wave line pattern, creating a unique decorative effect. Multiple pieces of metallic fabric cloth curtains are flexibly combined to form a continuous wave-like shape, giving the ceiling a smooth and elegant curve. When illuminated, the metallic fabric cloth reflects a shining light, injecting a magical and dynamic atmosphere into the entire space.

The metallic fabric cloth on the ceiling works with a large blue-toned artwork on the wall to create an eye-catching visual contrast and a simple yet high-end atmosphere. This decoration project finally presented a concise yet refined effect, providing an astonishing visual enjoyment for the lobby of Happy Times KTV. No matter customers are immersed in the passion of singing or enjoying their leisure time, this decoration project brings them an unforgettable spatial experience.

The full view of Happy Times KTV ceiling decorated with blue metallic fabric cloth
The ceiling is decorated with many pieces of blue gloss metallic fabric cloth short curtains.
A close shot of ceiling decorated with blue metallic fabric cloth
Project Details

More project details help you know how to use our products to add a unique charm for you project.

  • Size: 6 mm
  • Finish: blue, gloss
  • Style: ceiling decoration
The metallic fabric cloth is provided with grommets and ceiling hooks for ceiling mounting.

Grommet & Ceiling Hook – Ceiling Mounting