Distinctly Modern Metal Mesh Curtain of Lane Crawford

  • Function: Shop Decoration
  • Scene: Shopping Mall
  • City: Shanghai, China

The Lane Crawford flagship store at Shanghai Times Square spans four floors and covers a total area of 150,000 square feet, offering customers a spacious and sophisticated shopping experience. The store's interior design is dominated by neutral tones, using foundational materials like British agate and limestone to showcase beautiful textures and warm hues, while integrating soft blues, purples, and orange tones to impart a unique modernity to the overall space.

The distinctive S-hook ring mesh becomes a striking decorative feature within the store. Champagne-colored S-hook ring meshes elegantly drape across the walls and voids, creating unique and elegant spatial partitions. This design not only unifies the vertical space with a consistent style but also creates an artistically immersive transition between the walls and open areas.

The clever use of S-hook ring mesh allows customers to experience luxury and uniqueness, exhibiting Lane Crawford's ultimate pursuit of detail and artistry. The unique design highlights the exceptional effect of decorative mesh curtains in creating atmosphere and a sense of artistry, adding to the allure of the shopping venue.

View of the store decorated with S-hook ring mesh curtains from the side corridor.
View of Lane Crawford's store decor through S-hook ring mesh curtains.
Overhead view of the top-mounted S-hook ring mesh curtains from the building's ground floor.
Project Details

More project details help you know how to use our products to add a unique charm for you project.More project details help you know how to use our products to add a unique charm for you project.

  • Ring diameter: 25 mm
  • Hook length: 1 mm
  • Finish: champagne