CARPA NELLY Exhibition Hall

  • Function: Space Division
  • Scene: Exhibition Hall
  • City: Ningbo, China

We had the honor to provide a unique and exquisite decoration material for an Italian furniture exhibition hall, creating a stunning display space.

We learned that the client required furniture needs to be displayed in a large exhibition hall and achieved its appropriate arrangement in living room, master and secondary bedrooms, study room, dining area, etc. To achieve independent yet cohesive spatial divisions, transparency and zoning functionality became key factors of the decorative metal curtains. Through communication with the client, we knew the exhibition hall's interior decoration style and the use of gray walls. To create a warm and modern atmosphere, we recommended using brown spiral architectural mesh.

To ensure that customers can easily distinguish between different exhibition areas while avoiding the decorative metal curtain bringing a sense of crowding to the visual effect of the exhibition hall, we worked with the designer to carefully adjust the width of the mesh curtains and only install floor-length spiral architectural mesh curtains on the sides of each exhibition area. This installation plan not only allows customers to move smoothly between exhibition areas but also maintains an overall sense of openness and comfort within the space.

This decorative plan creates a unique and memorable display space for the furniture exhibition hall, providing customers with a comfortable and contemporary experience, and allowing them to easily explore and appreciate the exquisite furniture in various living spaces.

Bedroom exhibition area is decorated with spiral architectural mesh.
Dinning room exhibition area uses spiral architectural mesh as partition.
2 chairs are placed against the spiral architectural mesh backdrop.
White sofa and wooden cabinet are placed against spiral architectural mesh backdrop.
Project Details

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  • Spiral wire diameter: 4 × 3 mm
  • Crossbar diameter: 3.5 mm
  • Spiral wire spacing: 25 mm
  • Crossbar spacing: 37 mm
  • Finish: copper