Chengdu North Town New Center Club

  • Function: Wall Covering
  • Scene: Club
  • City: Chengdu, China

We undertook the reception room decorative metal curtain decoration project at Chengdu North Town New Center Club. The client contacted us and hoped that we can provide a decorative metal curtain for the background wall of the reception room to complement the overall interior style.

Considering the main color of the overall reception room, we selected exquisite antique bronze-colored spiral architectural mesh as the decorative material. This metal curtain complements the style of the reception room, giving a unique classical atmosphere and adding elegance and luxury to the space. We ingeniously installed the spiral architectural mesh, hiding it between the wall and the display shelves. This not only adds a sense of fashion and modernity to the reception room but also effectively protects the wall from any damage. Even with prolonged use, there will be no traces or damage to the wall, ensuring its cleanliness and aesthetic appeal.

To further enhance the decorative effect, we installed strip lights behind the display shelves. The metal curtains, illuminated by the lights, create a captivating light and shadow effect, bringing a warm and romantic atmosphere in the reception room.

A close shot of display shelves placed against spiral architectural mesh
A close shot of display shelves placed against spiral architectural mesh
The full view of the reception room decorated with spiral architectural mesh
Project Details

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  • Spiral wire diameter: 4 × 3 mm
  • Crossbar diameter: 3.5 mm
  • Spiral wire spacing: 25 mm
  • Crossbar spacing: 37 mm
  • Finish: bronze