ANBONG HOME Showroom – Artistic Paint Showroom

  • Function: Space Division
  • Scene: Showroom
  • City: Guangdong, China

ANBANG HOME is the showroom of Italian paint brand TULLIO, located near one of the most concentrated shopping malls in Shantou, China. We received the project field photos and related drawings from our client, who wanted to find a metal decorative mesh material that could fit their interior space design concept.

The structure of the showroom space is similar to a promenade. Our client wanted to maximize the texture of the branded paint with the mesh material and light source. We recommended the use of woven wire drapery as a decorative material to separate the spaces.

Our client team's ceiling modification was based on structural and plumbing considerations, creating a high ceiling to make the space appear taller. In addition, a woven wire drapery was used to give the space a high, upward appearance by fixing the ends of the curtain to the top of the wall to create a curved shape. Woven wire drapery hanging in the air and the stretched ceiling above enriched the relationship between light and space, arousing visitors' curiosity and desire to explore. Woven wire drapery not only reversed the original extremely poor spatial sense, but also let the space show in a high and upward state, fully reflecting its extremely clever thinking.

Made of stainless steel, woven wire drapery is durable while maintaining an elegant appearance, and the ANBANG HOME renovation demonstrates how metal woven wire drapery can be a fascinating addition to shopping malls and exhibition spaces.

A space is topped with woven wire drapery between normal wall and glass wall.
Entrance on the left and the name of the showroom on the right wall
Panoramic view of the showroom and a visitor from one side of the space
Panoramic view of woven wire drapery by looking up
Side view of curved woven wire drapery as seen from a ground level
Panoramic view of curved woven wire drapery by looking up
Project Details

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  • Model: AG-Athena-2230D
  • Finish: Stainless steel